Sunday, 13 November 2016

Fennel - Cooking Recipes

Cooking Uses:
  • Add the feathery fronds of fennel to salads, soups and sauces for a slight aniseed flavour.
  • Add fronds to soft cheeses.
  • Add fronds and chopped stalk to pickling cucumbers.
  • Chop fennel stalks and add to cabbage, cook, drain and then add fennel fronds through the cabbage.

    Hapuku, Mullet, Mackerel or Bass Flambé au Fenouil

    Grill fish on a bed of fennel fronds, then pour brandy over it; set it alight and serve burning. The burnt fennel will impregnate the fish.

    2 bass                                                            1 glass of brandy
    Pinch of salt                                                  4 tablespoons oil
    3 teaspoons fresh chopped fennel fronds     1 lemon, cut in slices
    1 sprig fresh chopped sage                           Parsley for garnish
    Large bunch of fennel (stalks and leaves)

    1. Wash and prepare fish, dry and salt inside and out.
    2. Fill the fish with chopped fennel and sage.
    3. Arrange a bed of fennel in the bottom of the grill pan.
    4. Brush fish on both sides with oil and place on wire rack of grill pan above the fennel. 
    5. Grill fish, turning once, and brushing with oil from time to time.
    6. Warm brandy.
    7. When fish is grilled, remove fennel bed to flat fireproof serving dish.
    8. Place fish on fennel bed and decorate with lemon and parsley.
    9. Pour warmed brand over, light, and serve while burning.

    Fennel Sauce (use on baked or boiled fish)

    4 oz. butter
    2 tablespoons fresh chopped fennel
    Pinch of salt

    1. Wash the fresh fennel in water.
    2. Melt the butter.
    3. Mix the fennel with the hot melted butter, add salt, and serve.  

  • Source: Claire Loewenfeld and Philippa back Herbs for Health and Cookery.

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