Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas Edible Flower Punnets

The Christmas season is upon us, with that comes salads and lovely tempting treats, what better way than to use edible flowers to create delicious and eye captivating morsels. In your punnets this week we have:  

Feijoa blossoms:Yes use the threads to sprinkle over cream and desserts, or add into salads.  

Violas and pansies: the remainder that are steadfastly holding out with that heat, they will be gone shortly. Stock up now. Add them into ice cubes, great for using in drinks.

Fuchsias: Great to add into salads, don't forget to remove stamens.  

Carnations, Sweet Williams and Dianthus: Use to decorate desserts, cakes or add into salads. Remember to remove the bitter white heel.  

Roses: Lovely scented miniature roses and roses in deep red and pink. Great for candying.  

Dahlias: Use the petals to sprinkle over salads.  

Fennel blossoms: Add into salads.  

Nasturtiums: Add into salads, top on to pizzas, add into omelettes.  

Stock: Can be candied or add into salads. Remove white heel.  

Calendula: Use petals only into salads or baked goods such as bread.

 Snapdragons: Use in salads, remove the green heel.  

Begonias: Add into vegetable and fruit salads to give it a zing.  

Cornflowers: Sprinkle petals over cream or on top of desserts. Or use in salads.

Have a great Christmas and safe New Year's eve. Enjoy.

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